Author’s Note

In anticipation of criticism concerning my use of cold fusion and EmDrive technologies throughout this science fiction novel, I would like to say that I use these, what might be termed, zombie sciences because I want to reimagining the Solar System in light of such developments. Granted, the discovery, development and use of such technology may not be within the time frame suggested (by 2070); however, this is a work of fiction and not one of prophecy. Why would cold fusion and EmDrive technologies be termed “zombie” sciences? Because they are dead sciences, discredited yet they live on but in a weakened state. More recent research indicates that the EmDrive may actually be possible.

With a usable cold fusion power source and an EmDrive that does not require a reaction propellant, the Solar System becomes perceptually much smaller, and even stars within the Sun’s neighborhood become accessible within the span of a human life.

Actually, something approximating cold fusion and the EmDrive may not be too far on the technological horizon. Extremely compact and low-weight power sources are possible if we can finally get high-temperature fusion under control and miniaturized. Plasma engines would then possibly have the ability to operate without large stores of propellant onboard. They might approximate the performance of cold fusion and EmDrive. With cold fusion and the EmDrive we simply show the extreme possibilities of such advances.

So hang in there with this story. It’s not so far fetched as you might think.