Who is Daisy Daniels?

Daisy is the protagonist of Robot Dawn. She is twelve and a bit of a loose cannon. Her mother died a couple of days after she was born, and she was raised by her father, brother and an aunt. She is also too smart for her own good, and although she is great with her classmates, she tends to bully her father and her brother who is five years older.

But who is Mazzy Nova? Well, that’s a question that can only be answered by reading the novel. Hang loose. It’ll be while.

Other Characters

Wade Daniels – father
Aella Daniels (Xenakis) – mother (deceased)
Justin Daniels – 18 year old son of Wade and Aella
Daisy Daniels – (protagonist) 12 years old (soon to be 13) daughter of Wade and Aella
Mrs. Alice Sweden – middle school principal
Mildred Harris – mother of Tilisha
Tilisha Harris – 18 years old daughter of Mildred
Corregidor Perkasa – 13 year old son of Arnel and Marissa
Arnel Perkasa – father of Corregidor
Marissa Perkasa – mother of Corregidor
Homer Rhodes – Vandenberg security
Betty – Orb crewmember
Captain Carli Carmichael – Orb commander
Major Alberta (Albi) –
Roberts – Melville military vehicle
Francisco Xalapeño (Captain Peño) – Melville military vehicle commander
Lieutenant Horst Braumann – Peño’s lieutenant
Saoránach Cain – author (On the Doorstep of Destiny) and escort, Shackelton colony
General Kuznetsova – Shackelton colony, Moon
Giuseppe Gabrielli – administrator, Shackelton colony, Moon
Dr. Nikolaos Angelus (Nick) – assistant director DSO
Nathaniel Watson – previous director of DSO
Dajani Djamal – translator of extraterrestrial languages DSO
Dr. Greta Carlstrum – Director, Nanotron, DSO
George Bailey – Robot manufacturing, DSO
Captain Jepkoech Nandi (Captain of the African Queen)
Tomita Tomala – Tasha, Assistance Director of Robot Operations, Tasha
Bonita Gravon – Director of Robot Operations, Tasha
Abe Hostetler – Head of Security, Psyche’s Watchtower (Tasha)
Mazzy Nova
Pericles (Peri)
Aspasia (Aspa) 


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